These snaps were taken the other day whilst out palancing with the fam. For some reason, this vibrant shade of blue has been showing up consistently over the past couple days. Blue Jay sightings is my back yard, camp projects brought home by Reiko with vibrant blue stickers and cutouts, a gifted bright blue baiting suit, not to mention this pulsating blue wall. Curiously, I looked up the symbolic meaning of this colour and found that the colour blue is symbolic of wisdom, sophistication and comfort. Also that it is one of the most comforting colours to the human eye and embodies the spirit of the ocean and sky where calm and stillness reside. Overall, representing an inner calm, a quiet and resillinat strenght. What a fuckin’ delight.

Photo 2017-07-05, 1 23 35 PM

In the spirt of this intriguing colour, here’s some mastery I found by an unknown artist on tumblr.

Van Gogh vs. Mi Gogh.

Get it?…Your welcome.


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