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That time I drowned my woes in some skin to skin contact as I received a relaxing hand rub from a beautiful brown skinned girl at Aesop.

I was feeling crappy to say the least when I hauled my ass Slough-style into the new Saks Fifth Ave at Sherway looking for a new facial cleanser inspiration. I turned the corner and low and behold, a newly opened Aesop storefront. I was greeted by a smiling radiant brown skinned girl who transmitted her glowing energy into this magical hand massage. I won’t lie, it lifted my spirits.

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Moi, at Saks Fith Sherway Gardens pre lock removal

Which had me thinking about non-sexual skin to skin contact in general. How often do we experiece that kind of exchange with complete strangers? In a time when EVERY DAMN gesture has become sexualized and our faces are glued to our phones, what effect does that lack of non-sexual intimacy have on us in general? Super random, I know.

The thought hadn’t crossed my mind until she readily grabbed my hand and I thought, ‘I hope she doesn’t stare deep into my eyes and this starts to get weird’. I quickly realized it was I, if anyone that would have made the experience anything less (or more depending on how you look at it) than a revitalizing moment graciously shared from one sister to another

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Can we take a moment to admire their glorious packaging? I was greeted by this constellation map, carefully laid inside the first box set I opened. Also, if you can peer close enough, you’ll notice a quote by Vincent Van Gogh inscribed on the inner top of the tin; ‘I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream’. Such a lovely touch. Like an unexpected, perfectly stencilled cinnamon sprinkle on your favourite latte. Gold star for that one Aesop. You get the gold star.

While I didn’t end up leaving with that particular box set (a bit too far above my budget) I did end up leaving with this little guy…


The Aesop Boston travel kit. I’ve used it a couple times in the past month and it’s my absolute favourite face wash | body travel kit thus far. I’m in love with the simple plant-based ingredients and fresh minimal packaging coupled with the quality of re-usable casing and product containers. Definitely something I will be using on all my travels to come. This is the first travel bundle I’ve purchased since my days working at Aveda which was literally more than 5 years ago. I fell out of love with their products partly, in all honesty, because of a racist experience at one their store fronts which was supported by Management at that time. In this current climate there is no room to buy products from any company whose ethos do not aline with your own. If you do, you’re giving them life which makes you part of the problem.


On a lighter note, I departed from the new location, feeling super charged and extremely refreshed. Thanks girlfriend, you sincerely made my day better…

These two are on my next to cop list; Tea Tree leaf facial exfoliant and Bitter Orange Astringent Toner (for some reason the Tea Tree leaf bottle is pictured differently online). There are three products in the picture, however two are the same. I just wanted ya’ll to see the cute little rubber stopper hidden by the black plastic wrap. SO CUTE.

OK bye. lol.

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