Ah Charlotte Houston. This was easily in the top 3 best installations I’ve seen all Summer.

When I was a yute, I was obsessed with microscopes. I couldn’t wait for Summer  to arrive (to say Scotian summers are lit is an understatement). I would find the most beautiful flowers to carefully dissect. Tiny budding leaves, minuscule flat shards or rock, small drops of liquid, really anything I could find beauty in to squish between those two tiny slabs of squared glass (don’t look at bugs, you won’t sleep tonight). In the tiny rhythmic circles that house a cell, the bustling activity in a single drop of water, is where you can truly see proof of a higher Creator. Charlotte Houston’s installation sent me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to where my love and appreciation for all things in detail truly began…

CH ZONE 2.jpg
Zone, Snapped by yours truly; Copeland Gallery, Peckham England

Regrettably, this was the only image I captured of her work during my visit at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham. I snapped this single image, and was so immediately mesmerized that I forgot to take more pictures. This work entitled Zonewas displayed on an LED screen and had this hypnotizing 3D viewing effect. I was so enchanted, I stood there for 10 minutes looking at it from every angle.

CH. Zone (2016)


Zone, (2016) Cannon EOS 1200D


Second, and in no particular order of preference, was this beauty. An enormous frozen mid crawl sculpture made of melted wax. Upon first view, this one had me taken aback. There was something unsettling, yet eerily familiar. I then realized that it very much reminded me something you would see in Maison Margiela installation. Showroom or headquarters perhaps?





The strategic use of white on white layering to create shadow keenly reveals detailing with the use texture instead of colour (and we know your girl’s all about texture). Reading through Lily Minnerthey’s bio revealed inspiration pulled from ‘the idea of monsters, and borrowed elements of horror’. Her recent work titled ‘The Clever Object’ is said to convey the ideas of what makes a monster and how what makes us afraid, or unsettled has changed the potential of the ancient being.

Whoa dehr. Like, big fucking line. Lets pause for a moment.

What if, JUST WHAT IF our own negatively charged emotional responses to unfamiliar or unsettling situations, is part of what has stunted the evolution of the human being?

What if we are mentally and emotionally stunting the evolution of our own species by replacing fear with love and acceptance?

I mean have you ever tried to make a rational decision while terrified? Ever fumbled for your keys to open the door while having the sneaking suspicion that something is eerily creeping nearby? I have and I’ll tell you right now, if something had been there, this blog post wouldn’t have made it to you. It seems for some reason, while in that panicked, terror driven state I am completely incapable of completing even the tiniest task with any level of accuracy (let alone speed). I mean if our emotions vibrate on some kind of frequency, what effect does fear specifically have on the human psyche?

Lily Minnerthey 1

An example of how fear holds us back for me is apparent in the orthodox practice of religion. For example, a good devout Christian is taught to have a healthy ‘fear of God’. I mean it’s a boarder line motto. I grew up  in a Christian household, so I’ve had this experience first hand.

How can you truly understand anything you are told to fear? Better yet, how can your understanding of something grow and evolve if the foundation is based on fear? What if the ancient human being had no recollection of fear as an emotion? Wouldn’t that make way for deeper exploration? Drastically less judgement and a broader appreciation for differences? The downfall to this absence of fear would probably mean a higher number of casualties when dealing with exploration, but doesn’t that mean the only the bravest, strongest and most daring would survive? Would that not fast-track the entire evolutionary process in comparison to modern day?

If we want to get real about it, isn’t fear a main reason why Blacks in America are getting picked off in record numbers? A predominately White police force terrified of a race and culture of people they have zero understanding of?

Wether or not this hypothesis is true, it surely makes for a very interesting discussion.

Fack. Good art truly expands the mind.

Thoughts? Feelings? Emotions? What do you think? Could expressions of fear truly be holding back our species from experiencing a higher state of evolution?

For more info, or to peep their latest works click here for Charlotte Houston and here for Lily Minnerthey.



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