IMG_4018.jpg(Studio Coat; Zara, Tee; H&M, PVC Skirt; Comme des Garcon, White kicks; Select) 

During my trip to England, I walked onto the London grounds of Central Saint Martin feeling utterly electric.

I had dreamt of breathing this air, the same air as some of the most forward and influential fashion designers of our time. My daydreams were finally about to become reality.


I sent an email two days prior with inquiries about possibly having a short tour of the campus and even had a little notepad riddled with all my questions to be sure I would leave no question unasked.

I was hoping to walk the grounds, take in the sights, and leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and charged the fuck up.

Will I leave the campus having obtained super powers from having breathed the same air as such creative minds?

Does genius air taste the same? Or altogether different?

Whatttttt awaits behind these golden gates. I MUST KNOW.

IMG_4023 (1)

Welp, to make a long story very short, I was immediately shut down upon entry. I reached the admin office, and not moments later, received an email response stating the tour dates were booked solid roughly until the first week of October. I then proceeded to ask if there was any possibility I could just have a peek, seeing as how I came from Canada and all. The front desk lady looked at me as if I had asked where the nearest crack dealer could be found.


I briefly thought of making a run for it. Hopping the gates in my pvc skirt would prove a challenge, but one I pondered accepting. Security everywhere, each student with their own shiny scan lanyard card. I had a daydream of the worst case scenario;

“Breaking news, Canadian girl makes run for it at prestigious London campus at Central Saint Martin School of the Arts. After evading security, she was found in the textiles department, stroking fabrics with her face and madly note taking. When asked what motivated such desperate action she responded ‘I’m going to attend this school one day I swear….’. My face would then be plastered on every bulletin board on the campus and I’d be forever branded as the Canadian turnip, who idiotically attempted to breach security.

Serves me right to think I could just show up and walk in. Such an ignorant and arrogant thing to do. I was just so elated, my excitement got the better of me.

Needless to say, I took this picture and walked away slowly knowing at least my dignity was still intact. Thus making this attempt ‘The longest Reach of 2016’.

 See you on the flip side CSM. You haven’t seen the last of me yet.


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