Sleep is such an effing commodity. The amount of time I spend day dreaming about sleep vs. hours spent actually sleeping is legit sad (like no, it’s sad). Most days I keep pushing, burning the candle at both ends, loading my self up with caffeine until I’m burnt out and crash. At that point my body is still a little restless. I can confidently say most nights I don’t even get deep into REM. My mind is always going. Thinking about new projects, better execution of projects already on the go, books I need to read, chores I’m behind on, the list goes on.

For all those out there running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off that need to turn the *uck down and need some assistance doing so, this one’s for you. Hey Troy. If your reading this, this post was inspired by you. Hope this helps;

Calcium + Magnesium Citrate| Think of the pair as Ying and Yang. One causes the body to contract, while the other serves as a natural muscle relaxant. Our (Western) diets are pretty full of buildup foodstuffs that cause calcification and organ stress. Magnesium citrate helps regulate heart and muscle contraction, as well and proper nerve conduction. Yeah, it’s pretty important. Ingesting one teaspoon of Mag Citrate about an hour before bed for me is like taking a figurative ‘chill pill’….I’m… never… on chill….

Exercise| True word. Running around, overthinking and exerting your brain power does not count as exercise (It actually causes Adrenal fatigue, which we’ll talk about at another time).   When your body’s physical energy has been spent best believe you’ll sleep better. Try something in the realm of cardio and expel all that restless anxious energy. You’d be surprised at how well exercise works. Actually, no you won’t. I’m just re-iterating what you already know. More of a potential ‘friendly reminder’… no?

Melatonin | When ever I need that deep, uninterrupted sleep I turn to melatonin. Melatonin is naturally produced in the body as hormone secreted by the Pineal Gland. This hormone helps our body’s internally balance and our innate perceptions of night and day, dark and light. Part of how we keep our sleep | wake cycle matched with our environments despite changes in the Winter and Summer solstice. Melatonin also helps remedy jet lag as all of the problems listed above are related the the passage of time and how we experience it.

Valerian Root (Valeriana Officinalis) | Valerian root is mood balancing and can act as a sedative that calms the nervous system when stressed and anxious. It can also be used as a stimulant to pick us back up, but is more commonly used in calming the nervous system to remedy insomnia and anxiousness. I once had to answer a test question about a figurative camping excursion gone wrong where Valerian root was boiled and used as a natural pain killer for my ‘broken ankle’. I am always fascinated by the peculiarity of plant faculties. Calming, healing, rejuvenating, deadly, stimulative, sedative. Often one plant will have a laundry list of different medicinal uses depending on what its combined with and how its ingested. Fascinating.

Ok moving on.


(19th Century Illustration of Valeriana officinalis by Franz Eugen Köhler)

Camomile| I hate Camomile but it works. Usually taken in form of tea, there’s something about the flavour that rubs me the wrong way. Although it’s not as strong as Valerian, it still induces a ‘soothing’ effect and helps sooth anxious feelings before bedtime. I’ve also heard some people put Camomile into bathwater for the same calming effect. In terms of calming ‘teas’ I usually choose peppermint, lemon, or something along the ‘rooibos’ line. As of late, I’ve been caffeinated up to my effing eyeballs so this post is just as much for me as it is for you.

FullSizeRender (1)

P.S. If you have any remedies out there that really work for you, I’d love to hear them. Who isn’t on the lookout for tips that facilitate a good nights rest. Speak up, share. Don’t hoard your gems…

OH! One last thing before I’m ghost. Shoutout to my readers in Paris. Thanks for messin’ with me *insert prayer hands*. I see you baby I see you.




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