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A New Year… Reflections of 2015 and the years past have made a few things clearer to me…

1| Be yourself. Even if your weird. Especially if your weird. You’ll only attract other weird people like yourself and then you can build a happy tribe and dwell in your weirdness. How can we aspire to live in world where we accept each other if we can’t accept ourselves?

2| Keep working. On yourself, on your relationships, on your goals. If you think you’re done working your not. You’re just sleepy. All things worth it take hard work to achieve, and even more work to maintain.The moment you think, damn I got it, now I can stop working, I’ve figured it out now I can chill, you’re reign is likely coming to an end. Why? Because someone hungrier than you is coming. The only way to keep that food on your plate is to be on your toes. Don’t get sloppy.

3| Make room for the new. Stop hoarding shit. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Let go of old negative thought patterns, routine ways of doing things, anything thats not proving to produce successful results. Clear the clutter from your desk, get rid of items you no longer use. If you have two of something that serve the same function, donate one. Clean your space and make room for fresh creative energy to flow in and through you. If your feeling stagnant, check your living space. There’s a good chance you’ve got some re-strategizing to do.

4| It’s okay to think your hot as fuck. It’s okay to think you’re brilliant, its okay to believe in your abilities. Like seriously. Too many of us struggle with self worth, and believing we are great. Don’t overthink your flaws because it will only lead to sadness. Half the battle is in our heads. Lets cut the crap and learn the art of embrace.

5| Take responsibility. If you fucked up, own it and move on. I’ve learned a lot from a new job I’ve recently started about people who place blame. The more time everyone spends pointing fingers the more time is being wasted on finding solutions. Focus your energy on your solutions instead of the problems. People who focus on the latter end up looking like nutjobs. It’s 2016. Nutjob is not the look.

Picture 518

(Seflie; Somewhere in 2006)

I found this still in an archive folder from 2006. Eight years later, I end up taking a picture thats nearly identical. Which brings me to the the moral of this long ass rant…. You cannot change who you are. You can grown, you can reach new levels of intellect, you can alter your external appearance, apparently you can even change your eye colour, but you cannot change your core. Some things never change because they’re not supposed to. So lets work on 1 upping ourselves this year whatever that  looks like. Lets just be better in 2016.

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