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Soooooooo. While I’m supposed to be working hard on a post on sleep for you lovlies (vitamins and minerals needed, best way to maximize ect….coming soon I promise!) I got hella distracted by the fact that this book on FINALLY on sale! I’ve been hunting it for a couple months and in light of the Holidays it’s on sale on Amazon and Indigo online. Not ONLY is it on sale at both sites, I just discovered there’s an app, yes an app and its only $20 at the Apple Store. *insert prayer hands*.




I love the idea of outfit of the day posts and taking daily snaps in front of the camera instead of from behind but the truth is I find it pretty awkward. For instance, I never know what the hell to do with my hands. Like where to place them? I literally end up looking like Ricky Bobby %70 percent of the time…shoutout to anyone who knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about, I rate you. If not, click the link above (don’t worry, there’s still hope…).

If I can embody one tenth of her poise, I’ll be alright for 2016. She makes the simplest of poses look effortlessly regal. Imagine, this is only a fraction of the 1,000 stills in the book. Fucking amazing. Here’s to looking less-awkward (hopefully) in the New year.

Do I buy the hardcover for nostalgic reasons? Or the app for the sake of space conservation?

Decisions decisions.


All images Courtesy of 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha

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