Faaaaaack. Vetements is doin’ it for me right now. Aside from there not being a single coloured face walking the runway (yes, we noticed) I’m thoroughly enjoying their 2016 collection. The silhouette of their coats/jackets and attention to detail, where the draping is in all the right places. The sweaters especially.

They’ve facilitated the perfect merger between loose flowing fabrics and boxy shapes in a way that’s still feminine. Below are my top 3 favourite looks along with always perfectly dressed Ambrosio in my most coveted dress of 2015. I don’t know what it is about this dress that I love so much. It’s like Little House on the Prarie (My mom KILLED that show when I was young. Every episode somehow ended in us both crying, I don’t know why we kept watching it…)  meets Margiela with a dash of  my Grandmother’s couch cushion.


I’m not in love with this dress in particular, but I love the way it looks with these socks. Or sock booties, either way there great. I wonder if they make ’em in nude as well?


OMG ok, this belted entendo arm sweatshirt is fire. It brings in the silhouette without adding a ‘belt’ which otherwise for me is old, prehistoric, news. I dig it Vetements. I DIG IT.

This doesn’t even need a caption. You all know I love her. If there was one person I’m happy to see wearing this beauty, its Gilda Ambrosio.



 I’d wear this outfit with my Perspex clutch and either strappy black heels or, if were reaching talking dream scenario the Loewe 2016 resort heels from the Melitta Baumeister post. I can’t wait to see whats in the works this coming year.

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