(Last year at the Churchill x El Dronquito event; Queen St, Toronto)

 K swiped this little tostada one mili second before I inhaled it. It was laced with black beans (womp womp) and I’m VERY much allergic to the whole damn legume family, so I essentially cheated death. One of the multitude of times he’s swooped in saving me from myself food peril. I eat everything, he’s constantly doing damage control. Thanks for having my back papi *batts eyelashes*…I can feel his eyes rolling form here….

Scrolling through a ton of archived pics has me fixated on all the yummy delish treats that come with the Christmas season. One of the million reasons Christmas is my ultimate favourite time of year. Hot Bourbon tea, Pomegranate Ginger brews, Sorel, Black Cake (if you West Indian), the list goes on. I’ll be posting a few of my fav recipes to share with you in the wonderful weeks to come.

What’s your favourite Holiday treat? Drink? Meal?

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