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(Jacket; Zara, Hoodie and ankle socks; Nike, DIY leg warmers, self made Furkenstocks)

Ok I won’t lie up until now I’ve been living on the edge. Binge inhaling sweets, alcohol and consuming far to much red meat. Lets just say I had a great summer…

Back when I used to study Holistic nutrition my teachers always advocated for eating within the seasons, choosing the best fruits and veggies from what each season has to offer. Although I do use this guideline I also apply this concept a little more liberally when it comes to the changing seasons. What are we if not self glorified mammals? Just as we make preparations, by ‘spring cleaning’ hosting garage sales, and rotating our wardrobes, our bodies deserve the same thoughtful, seasonal maintenance.

Firstly let me say I did not invent the term ‘Ocsober‘. I am also apparently the only person in the world who didn’t know about it. I was rambling to K the other day about how I’m done with all the body abuse for at least one month and he replies ‘why don’t you just do Ocsober?’ I’m like….’What?’

Always last to know. *Tsk tsk* (Click here for info)

Yonce and grant

(September Vogue Edition of Yonce glo’d up along side freshly liberated crunchy, organic Pomegranate)

While I’m all for abstaining from alcohol for the month for a greater cause, I will say I won’t be opening any kind of ‘fund collection’. This will be more of a rejuvenate month of meditation, exercise and self reflection. I’ve never willfully participated in any type of ‘donating campaign’ before now that I think of it. Might be something to try one day if the cause feels right…

As the summer leaves transition from vibrant green to rustic brown and the warm summer night shift to crisp cool air, my body will be undergoing a little transition of it’s own. Here are a few of my guidelines;

1| More Water. When I feel like crap, there’s almost nothing that drinking more water won’t help, if even in the slightest. I have better focus, less headaches, more mental clarity a less bloated tummy and clearer skin. Drinking at least 8 glasses (for me more like 10) also helps your liver function more optimally as it puts less strain on the liver’s filtration process.

2| Vitamin C. The free radical fighter, anti- wrinkler, immune stimulator and energy booster. It keeps build connective tissues such as cartilage and ligaments and also aids the formation and maintenance of collagen in the body. To add to this list, its also aids in the absorption of Iron. For example, squeezing a little lemon juice on your spinach salad will help you absorb the iron content more readily… Amazing no?

3| Vitamin D. Now that we’re into Fall, there are fewer sunny days which means less skin exposure to sun ray absorbing Vitamin D. This vitamin is manufactured from cholesterol found in our skin when in contact with Ultraviolet light. Helpful in maintaining the nervous system, allergies (of which I have many) and skin irritations.

4| B[12] Vitamins. If you’re anything like me, and literally dead to the world without a morning cup of something caffeinated this one’s a biggie. Caffeine cancels out a lot of the stomach’s absorption of most B Vitamins, many of which are produced in the intestinal tract. B Vitamins (of which there are many) help with a ton of bodily and organ functions such as stress, depression, HCl production, adrenal support, nerve function,  protein fat and carbohydrate break down as well as digestion and anxiety.

5| No Diary. I’ve recently started trying out more Vegan options and even ordered my first vegan cheese-less pizza (thanks Gracie :)). I never thought I’d say it, but it was divine. Has me a little more open to trying out other dairy free alternatives. Also, there is really no need for really any of us to consume dairy products. Dairy foodstuffs promote mucus buildup and although delicious contains fats and oils your body doesn’t really need. You can get just as much calcium, if not more from spinach, kale and other leafy greens.

6| Up the Greens. Period. More greens = better digestion, more energy, higher metabolism, clearer focus,  and more phytonutrients. Get it ‘fight-o-nutrients’? *ba doom boom chhh*…

7| NO Alcohol. Ok, I don’t think I need to go down the long effing trailing list, of why alcohol is bad for you. I realize that for some people this will be tough to maintain when the week ends roll around. My advice? Be an adult. Give yourself one month, just one, as a break to tell your body you appreciate it. Trust me, everyone’s liver could use a break. You’ll thank me yourself when you exit the month feeling like a trillion dollars.

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