(Isamaya Ffrench makeup artisty collage; Random images found on the Net)

WHO enters the game doing face paints at kiddie parties and ends up masterfully applying avant garde makeup for some of the most prestigious fashion labels the world over? Especially after having decided to study dentistry? After watching the Isamaya Ffrench interview on SHOWstudio, I can’t stop curiously reading, researching and admiring her. When it comes to her perspective which is seemingly super down to earth she mentions her work as more of an ongoing exploration process of mediums which, is the most wonderful aspect of her work.




If your thinking to yourself, ‘self, her hair looks oddly hand-maiden-esk” its because it does. After binge watching multiple episodes of the television series Reign I’ve had an urge to try out a crown braid. I’d been wanting to find some kind of an accessory to tie in all the multiple shades of denim I often wear at the same time, and what better than a simple, scrap piece of denim from my last DIY project. For me the most inspiring sentiment I took from Isamaya’s SHOWstudio interview is that she never looks to improve on or alter fashion trends, but rather puts all her attention to filling in the ‘gaps’. Like being given a bare canvas, a block of clay, and empty white space. The concept of building from scratch, beginning where nothing already exists is where you can really set the framework for something magical to happen.

I may not have ended up with a face full of scroll ink or gold hardware but I was definitely inspired to try a few lines where I may not have drawn them before. I guess the look is very ‘modern space Princess’. Like I should be wearing something fitted with an incredibly high collar and fabric that trails the ground.

 I leave you with this final thought. Think of something you love and fill in the gaps. The spaces in between that are waiting for your individual flair. Whether that be in your beauty regime, wardrobe or morning routine. Life is so much more magical when you try something new!




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