The near end of Summer has me thinking about all things cozy and layered. Also, about darling little accessories that keep a more relaxed bag lady fit a tad more feminine. While I’m currently hardcore pining over this Christopher Kane Clutch, I’ll have my eye out for something with the same effect that’s a fraction of the exuberant price tag.  I’ve also been on the hunt for the perfect studio sweater and found this gorgeous button-less cardi. I hate buttons, so this was a treat…As for the wedges? *sigh*  Like something I dreamed into reality. When I was putting these images together a guy peeped over my shoulder and said ‘WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?! THERE HIDEOUS…ARE THEY A JOKE..?!’


Like music to my ears. Looks like I might have a chance to catch em on sale (fingers crossed) ;).

     1. Silk Tulle Clutch Purse; Christopher Kane

2. Wool Blend Cardigan; Oak and Fort 7153

3. Faux Fur Wedges; Maison Martin Margiela


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