(Free up Shirt blowing in the wind; Artist Unknown)

The abyss of Instagram. I tap the IG app open and instantly I’m plugged in. A random style blogger’s most recent trip to Morocco, Vegas trips with the Besties, Kanye West’s latest whereabouts. As I continue to scroll through the photos I feel an overwhelming wave of crappiness. My simple, quiet life somehow now seems flat. Uninteresting and boring. I wish I had that Jacquemes coat, I wish I was on that flight to Barcelona. I wish I had THOSE Wang Sam Lows, I wish I sitting front row, I wish I was eating that burrito…*sigh*…fml. I wish, I wish, I wish…

What good does it do? To consume content, images that make you feel your life is an ounce less marvellous? Even in the slightest? What effect does this have longterm? How does it serve us to glorify the highlight reels of another person’s life? Why do I feel so…well…crappy ? Then it clicks. It’s because I’m out here sleep.


1. |Another way of saying Your late.

2. |Walking through life missing all the gems 

3.|Last person in the crew to catch on

(dennis)”yooo!! you heard that new weezy mixtape?”
(dennis)”damnn, you sleep”
(gary) “huh?”

I’ll admit ya’ll, I got sucked in for a moment. And by sleep I mean definition number 2. Sleep to the fact that my life is fucking awesome. I have inspiring friends, a roof over my head, a brilliant daughter, a dime hubby, the ability to create and oh yes, I’m breathing. The dumbest thing you can do is to compare the digital fanciful world to your real one, measuring the richness of your days against someone else in a completely different situation. This brings me to my final point. If there are accounts that scrolling through make you feel down, DELETE THEM! Instagram is not paying you to follow people. Let’s shed the dead weight.

Go forth and snatch back the gems. Count all the beauty in your life social media could never come close to capturing.



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