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Denim por vida, yay or nay? I recently read an article on Style.com addressing the uprising of designer denim and whether or not it’s perceived as overkill. I’m Canadian which is home of the Denim Tuxedo (Truthfully I don’t know how I feel about this. I feel like we’ve been given this title to throw shade. Does this mean we’re so underdressed that our version of a ‘Tux’ must be made from denim…?) so although I’m down with the D, in my opinion neither really makes sense.

I love that denim is being shown on catwalks all over in the world, and making an appearance in the higher end collections but (I agree with Steff Yotka of Style.com which, is no longer running!) why the hell is it so expensive? I mean it’s denim. Nothing died for the sake of it’s construction, so why the hell are you charging a G stack?

It’s also kind of odd the way fashion is ‘sold’ to us, as if there was ever really a dip in the impact or wearability of denim. Take the cotton Blazer for example. A mainstay in the fashion game. Just because high end designers decide to release a higher volume of Blazers into their collections doesn’t make them re-invented. It doesn’t even make it special. I think maybe the upper class has declared denim the new ‘it’ fabric because poor people BEEN KILLIN it. It’s easy to wash, durable, inexpensive, works for everyone, comes in a variety of different washes, whats not to love?

Ok. After that rant, here’s my outfit of the day, and by day, I mean month. It’s just too easy. Standard uniform as of late has been as follows; Denim jacket, denim jeans, insert rotation of blank tee and either flats or heels depending on my mood. I hate to sound like a dirtbag, but I’ll confess I went to the washroom yesterday and there was no paper towel so it doubled as a drying towel. It’s actually like the ever-ready summer fit. Plus, denim jackets are always better when their gifted. *Insert wink*. Thanks K. xo.


4 thoughts on “OOTD | TO DENIM OR NOT TO DENIM

  1. Love this post and outfit! I thought I was the only one dripping tears over the price of designer denim. I’ll (sadly) take a pass on Alexa Chung’s Collection for AG

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