I love love love a good DIY project! I swiped this one from Love-Aesthetics when I no longer had use for the Acrylic pencil holder that sits on my desk. I sat there staring at it for a while thinking, what the hell am I going to do with this? It’s too pretty to go straight to recycling….then it hit me like a bag of bricks.

Jewellery display case.


For this DIY you will need:

| plaster

| acrylic pencil holder or box

|bristol board or Foam core

|duck tape

| pencil

| ruler

| sand paper or nail file

1.| You start by measuring your acrylic box, adding 3mm to each side. Once that is done, you tape it together and reinforce with duct tape on both sides (interior AND exterior) this it to prevent any leakage later on.

2.| Mix your plaster. There will be instructions on the package, but you pretty much want a pancake batter (or slightly thicker) consistency, then pour into your taped mould. Once the mixture has been poured into your mould (aka duct tape contraption) tap the box on all sides with a pen or pencil to prevent any nasty air bubbles from creeping their way in. *Note* You must let your plaster mould dry overnight. It says a few hours, but I came back to my mould 6 hours later and it still wasn’t dry. So, let it air out overnight just to double tap if you get my drift.


3.| Once the plaster has dried, cut open the mould. You could probably use scissors, but you don’t want to risk stabbing your dried column, so a knife or scalpel is recommended.

IMG_9188 (1)

4.| Now that the plaster column has been freed from the duck tape it’s time to sand and shape. Move around your column with the file, smoothing out all the rough areas. The original instruction calls for sandpaper, but I had an old nail file that works just as well. Oh plus I’m really not trying to spend extra cash when I don’t have to…


5.| This is where that extra 3mm of measurement comes in. Although you could use the column as is, filing down the perimeter creates a tiny ‘platform’ for your jewellery to rest. It also creates a much smoother finish. The plaster is fairly easy to shave down, so creating the shape you desire shouldn’t take too much elbow work.

IMG_9320 (1)

Et voila! Now you have a gorgeous place to recharge your jewellery after a long day. Dramatic? Meh. Maybe.

Try it out and enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot. I purchased my plaster from Micheals. It was $12 for a huge bag and I used their %50 off coupon so it was like $6. They always have sales, so check them out first!



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