(Powder Shadow; Inglot 306, Tee; Comme des Garcon)

 I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, but when I do I want it to ‘pop’. I had been searching high and low for siren red, pigmented eye shadow for what feels like an eternity. Since my beauty regime is pretty simple (I’ve pretty much have been using the same 5 products for like 4 years now) I’ll usually head into Sephora and they’ll ALWAYS have what I’m looking for. However, when I began the search for a solid pigmented red shadow that would really pop against my skin, there was nothing out there. I went through pretty much every line in Sephora including Makeup Forever and came up empty handed. Until…I walked into my sister’s bathroom (heh heh…Hi Keebs *insert nervous laugh*) and saw the EXACT item I had been scouring the city for. Imagine that?!? Long story short, I swiped it one time, and here we are.

I would do a list of steps except they really arn’t any. I used Inglot #306, wet a thin shadow brush, well no I’ll stop myself right there. I don’t even own a makeup brush. I was so amped to try it out that I cut one of my Acrylic paint brushes into a fine tip point and used that for the application…


The great thing about this shadow is although it’s super pigmented, its super easy to wash off so if you make a mistake it can be easily corrected. One tip I will give, is to go over your brush stroke a second time for extra bright colouring. Needless to say this shadow is already becoming a new favourite.

Now to search for a new for a new brush. I was thinking this ultra fine Pinceau liner brush…any suggestions out there?



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