(Bomber jacket; Alexander Wang, Culottes; Forever 21, Strappy Heels; Zara)

Lately I’ve found myself wearing heels more often. Not really creating an outfit around the shoe just literally throwing a pair of heels south of the ankles instead of a flats. I find for a casual outfit, it adds a bit more, dare I say, pizzaz.

I know this will probably never come up in any kind of ‘mental illness’ forum, but I can usually find a direct correlation between the way I feel, and the way I’m dressed. Meaning, when I’m at home taking care of Reiks (aka performing mommy duties), in a bummy tall t-shirt and baggy cut off shorts I’ll feel more blah and uninspired. I’m not throwing shade on ANYBODY who feels themselves in their at home off duty attire, it just doesn’t work for me.

If I make the small effort of ‘dressing’ myself, and or perhaps applying a little makeup, I feel more comfort in my own skin and ready to attack the day. I find I approach everything with more optimism, like I’m representing myself with love to the universe. Almost like I’m actively contributing to the positive universal energy flow. Great vibes flow out, great vibes flow in. I’m not saying that we all need to walk around in stilts at home in order to defeat feelings of depression, but I am saying that we all need to do more of what contributes to our positive mental health, in despite of how others may view it.

I’ve had friends in the past that damn near made me feel like I’m out here riding the ‘short bus’ (no diss to the short bus), just because I wore runway inspired makeup to a BBQ, or heels to pick up groceries. What wrong with moulding your exterior to match the feels of your interior? I say put your best foot forward, whatever the hell that looks like. We all need to hop out our feelings and into a little more self love. No?


What makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin? What routines do you partake in that contribute to you’re overall happiness? I’m trés curious.

I showed you mine, now show me yours ;).


  1. In love with your outfit! ❤ For me, it really depends on my mood and on the season! in Fall, I just love to wear oversized sweaters, they are so comfy and warm. But when I feel a little bit more lady-like or if I want to look pretty, applying makeup is my favourite part of my morning routine!


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