Firstly, I’d like to shoutout this green pressed smoothie concoction that literally saved my NY trip. I normally would never have purchased anything smoothie related from Starbucks, but my sister put me on during my desperate search for a vitamin overload. I was expecting a mouth full of sugar, and was pleasantly surprised…


Although I was sick as a dog,  mustered up all my strength to make it into Celine, Chole and Marni outlet stores during a shopping trip with the fam and drool over all the goodies. I fell IN LOVE with this black windbreaker parka. It was like it had been calling my name. As I slipped it on it felt like it immediately formed to my body and I just wanted to live in it. Like forever. Remember when you were a kid and you literally slept in your favourite new shoes? Although I couldn’t afford it’s $1,400.00 price tag, I couldn’t resist trying it on. Like I said, it was calling my name…



I dragged my sissy poo aka the lovely YNOTKEEBS into Marni while I salivated over this shearling fur vest. Again, I could live in it. I love the drop waist belt. I get that it kind of gives off a lil Fred Flintsone vibe, but I dig it. He should be so lucky to look this fly. Not to mention it was like being wrapped up in teddy bear. Super soft, and hella warm. Two thumbs up for Fred.



The following night I journeyed into Harlem to ‘say what up to my bestie‘ Rilez. I love her like a fat kid loves cake. Whenever we get together, lets just say shit goes down…



(Brunch at Chez Lucienne; Harlem World)

IMG_9098 IMG_9099

After After brunch, she took me to do a lil thrift shopping at a second hand vintage shop, Second Time Around (took pics but they didn’t turn out) then to Sugar Plumm for a tasty latte and some not so tasty macrons. They were so sweet I felt ill. Oddly enough, the only item I purchased (these and one skirt, pics coming later) was these black on black, random sunnies from a street vendor. They were $20 and I love them. Bom bom.

My stay was far too short. I’ll be back soon, so we can tear shit up, run through the streets singing, knock down garbage cans and yell madness at passer by punkies. I love you.

‘Till then, hold it down like the 6 God you are.




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