Ah Harlem. How I love thee. On a much anticipated trip to NYC to visit fam in the Bronx and my bestie in Harlem (miss you already) I caught a terrible cold and was sick for the drive down. Instead of hitting up my favourite stores and making my way around town I was stuck in bed with a death grip on the tissue box, a full inventory of vitamins and Advil on deck. Although I still have a TON of pictures to edit and share with you, I thought I’d share these little rays of sunshine in the meantime.

Riley whipped these baddies out of her closet and my eyes began to glow.

How pretty are these babies? I slipped ’em on and they fit like a glove. I imagine judging by the style, that these lil nuggets were probably in production between the late 80’s and early 90’s. Makes you wonder what kind of conversation would take place if they could talk.

What streets have they graced?

What glamours parties have they attended?

How far have they travelled?

One of the greatest things about vintage finds is the mystery of how the item came to be in another person’s possession…


‘Focus and live in the now. Appreciate the now and worry not for tomorrow.’ Wonderful advice that I’ll surely be applying to help lift my spirits while I fight this blasted cold. I can use all your positive energy and healing vibes so please send energy my way.

Hasta la vista.


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