Am I the only person that’s completely fuckin’ addicted to the Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks? I hate their coffee, and pretty much everything else in there (aside from the Hibiscus Refresher which is also a problem…) but the Refreshers, hottdamn. They caught me and the hook is deep.

However, the fact that they’re loaded with caffeine, artificial sweeteners and about $5 a pop means at some point I’d have to wean myself off, reclaim my freedom put that cash back in my wallet where it belongs.  In an attempt to do so I (well, K gets the real creds for this one, he made it first) conjured up a super refreshing, caffeine free (*tear*…caffeine is a mom’s best friend) and sugar free alternative that I feel has honestly helped me to trim a little belly fat. The lime packs a lovely dose of vitamin C which is great for the skin, and also helps metabolize fats. The mint, besides being delish is a great digestive aid and helps naturally energize and alkalize the body.  I’ve been drinking so much more water I’m out here feeling glow’d up.

IMG_8942 IMG_8945IMG_8929 IMG_8913

(Tee; Comme des Garcon, Glass Beaker; Random, Glass straw; Strawsome)


I could do a step by step for this, except the rules are pretty much chop and add water. I cute the lime into wheels and leave the rind because I think it’s prettier that way, but you can also remove the rind which will make the drink taste a little smoother. You can also squeeze the lime instead, but I prefer the beautiful shades of green in my glass.

IMG_8956Whilst shuffling a few things around I knocked over my small jewelry stand resulting in this ever so delicate arrangement. Vive L’art.



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