Yes. More fur.

Once Upon a time I lived in these flats. A year Years went by and the flats just started to deteriorate. I’d been trying to figure out  what the hell to do with these beat up old Coach flats and then I remembered ‘oh yeah, I’m a professional fur cover-er’. I held off on doing it for so long because I wanted to spice it up a bit and try something new.

 Then the whole ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it‘ saying came to mind, and here we are.

I’ve been wearing these around for over a month now and I’m loving them. They’re like a warmer, more interesting version of the same shoe and already broken in. Bom Bom.

And imagine, I almost threw them out.



    IMG_3848 (1)


I wanted to do a list of steps for this DIY but its a bit too complicated for a step by step. You pretty much have to envision the shape of how you want the shoes to look, and begin to build from there. I did however, try out a new glue that I bought from Fabricland called Quick Grip. Like where has this glue been all my life. I got it during a %50 off sale and paid about $6 for the tube. It’s amazing. Easy to work with, even easier to clean.

For any of you who planning to try it out, holla at me and  let me know how it works for you. 😉

@blxndraa on twitter or @balexandraa on Instagram.


Pic from earlier last week while palancing around Lakeshore. It was brisk but my feet were toasty *insert two thumbs up‘*.


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