(On Mami | Hoodie; H&M, Coat; Zara…..On Bae | Hat; Nike, Coat; Joe Fresh, Jeans; Gap Kids)

After two and a half years of dodging the social media | internet radar, we figured it was about time we (Keita and I) reveal our little nugget to the world. And by world, I definitely mean the vortex that is ‘The Internet’. We knew we couldn’t hog her forever, but it was worth every second. The time we’ve had, to share our private moments with close friends and family was a decision I will never regret. Not to say that I have anything against parents who’ve chosen a different route. Every parent has to do what they feel is best for their kids and for their family. We felt this decision was best for ours. Everything moves so fast, it was important for us as new parents to slow down and live in the moment. Be present for her in a way that allowed her to live and just be a kid. She’s such an integral part of my everyday life, at this point it almost seems unfair to omit her.

Without further adieu, bae Reiko!


This kid literally has the strongest personality of any child I’ve ever seen. For any of you who’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you know exactly what I mean. 

If you see us in the streets, stop and say hello. We don’t bite. Unless provoked.

We’ll be seein’ you.


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