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(Gel Polish; Sensational, Gold Pinky Ring; Catbird)

I think I speak for women everywhere when I say a fresh ass manicure is simple victory that changes the game. Especially for people who spend a lot of time on their computers, or do a lot of work with their hands. In the beginning I would take pictures from Insta or Tumblr from my phone to show the aesthetician. We’d then proceed to argue (friendly arguments, but all the same I don’t miss it), about what constitutes a ‘straight’ line, and wether or not I was going to be charged extra for the ‘designs’.

Then, one day while running an errand at the Drug Store with my Koko, I passed a section for ‘At Home LED Polish’. I was like WTF?! THEY SELL THIS?!? Turns out I was the only person on earth that DIDN’T know it existed.

My life was forever changed.

They have quite a few options, but I went with the Red Carpet LED light and application kit. It was roughly $60 for the light, and another $40 for the Starter kit so about $100 in total. Honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made. I will admit, ‘at home nails’ isnt for everyone. If you just enjoy the sheer experience of someone else pampering you for an hour I totally get that. There are also a few steps to application, so it takes roughly the same amount of time. I personally care more about it being done exactly the way I want it, and as the saying goes… if you want something done well….D.I.Y.

Speaking of DIY, as you all know I’ve got a two year old. Outside of all the little projects, I’m constantly scrubbing, washing, cleaning and organizing, so my hands are constantly doin’ the most. Doing them myself is also ideal because I can convert my desk into an at home salon and anytime of the day or night. Also, once you own an LED light, you can pretty much use any polish brand thats requires curing. What does that mean? Endless mother effing color choices.

That’s what it means.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

P.S. How cute is this little LED light!? Super clean and minimal with a one touch on and off switch. I chose the Red Carpet LED because it was the most compact, but also because it has the sleekest design.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for both function and packaging. When spending my hard earned dollar, I don’t compromise. If they don’t have what I’m looking for, I’m never afraid to put that cash right back into my pocket. Trust (a skill developed after having made countless mistakes).

I purchased both the light and starter kit from the Rexall close to my house. They have sales often so it might be worth popping by. There’s a ton of different brands to choose from but these two are by far my favourite in terms of durability, minimal packaging and price.

Click here for Red Carpet, and here for Sensationail to get more info.

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