What a fuckin’ hard year. I hit rock bottom, found myself, lost a few friends and gained some new ones. I made a lot of mistakes, and practically stumbled my way through the entire year. Turning 27 hit me like a literal ton of bricks. Somehow I kept going. I made it guys. I effing made it to 28.

Thinking about the passing year gives new meaning to the phrase ‘If you love something, let it go’. The most important lesson I learned during my 27th year is to love yourself enough to let go of your mistakes. If you don’t they will %100 stop you from moving forward. Love yourself enough to look at past decisions critically, but also with love. Carry those experiences not as baggage, but as a part of learning. When we’re kids, we stumble and fall all the time. Scrape our knees, get into fist fights with our friends, fail tests. When we’re kids learning is not always fun, but falling off that bike never stops us from getting back on. Then we get older, become adults and forget that the same rules still apply.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset(Hoodie; H&M, Black Denim; American Apparel)

Long story short, 28’s getting owned. I found two grey hairs today and I ain’t even stressin’. I’m older, wiser and two hairs closer to becoming Storm.

2015. Lets go.

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