Remember Kim Possible? That crime fighting babe from Family Channel? Yes, the one in the hot-ass cropped top and perfect lipstick application. It was during my most recent attempt to rock a red lip that I decided to dust off the old lip stain and try something a little different…




Sephora red lip stain (satin finish)



Et voila! Kim Possible inspired, runway (or life ready in my case) ready lips. The funny thing is, when I was 18 I used to wear a version of this, except with black lipstick instead of red. I was walking down the street one day when a lady stopped me to tell me I looked like Hitler.

Needles to say, that quickly dead the experiment. Till now that is. So I guess this is version 2.0?

As you can guess, it’s super simple to execute.

1| Apply Satin Lip Stain (or your own lipstick) to only the top lip. I specifically chose the Satin finish version from Sephora because I really like the bold matte finish. If using the Lip Stain, wait a few seconds, allowing it to dry. Then transfer a little to the bottom lip by smooching your lips together lightly.

 2| If you’re using your own color, you will need to dab you’re upper lip with a tissue before proceeding to transfer to the bottom lip. The tissue will remove any of the extra creaminess of the lipstick so that you don’t get a full amount of transfer to your bottom lip. Done!

Oh, also you might want to apply a tiny amount of lip balm before you get started. I find lipstick to be very drying on the lips so I always dab on something moisture rich for a base…

This lil experiment was also first featured posted on Walk-in Closet’s Lifestyle blog :).  Head over by clicking here.



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