Kanye West x Adidas 2015

Ye, you knocked it out the park.

Four Five days into stewing on this collection and dreams are still swirling in my head of the wondrous shin-length parka (image #2). I’ve searched the blasted internet high and low trying to figure out who will be carrying it, and approximately how much it will cost. The mission was entirely unsuccessful. Although many reviews praised the footwear portion of the collection as the highlight, I found the shoes to be the least interesting (footwear styling however was wonderful) accessory. The bare all unitards, (also covering some of the shoes! love!) muted tones, vast array of ethnic models, staging, and overall presentation of each styled garment I thought was marvellous as far as collaborations go. I mean the he put a intriguing twist on the Unisex Sportswear game. What else could you ask of the collaboration?

Once seeing a collection, I’ll often pop onto and read the reviews. Not because I particularly agree with what the critiques have to say, but more so to get an overall idea of how others are interpreting it.

I did the same with the Kayne x Adidas collection. I was not impressed.

Although he does briefly mention Kanye being influenced by the London Riots and this being part of setting the very dystopian theme, there was a real lack of constructive criticism. The interviewer proceeds for three paragraphs about the Kayne’s untimely runway programming, whether or not he’s deliberately being ‘insensitive’, followed by some speculation about Kanye’s recent musical outputs and off stage public persona. Like whoa. Does Ye owe you money? Can you let the man live? What, the hell does any of this have to do with the actual collection? What were his influences? Where is the sensory description of what the actual show ‘felt’ like? What energy was the audience giving off? Where time periods were influential? What I really want to know is WHERE IS THE CRITIQUING OF THE ACTUAL COLLECTION?

Such a disappointment! When you hold the Kayne x Adidas review next to the most recent Alexander Wang review you can clearly see the proof is in the pudding. Even the tone of the entire critique feels biased. We get it. You’re not a Yeezy fan. But what were the ‘good parts’ about the collection? Oh yes, ‘it’ was stated at the end. Beiber was backstage. Like, seriously?

Overall, the worst review I have ever read. Not because of the tone or the option of the writer, but because there was basically no review.


Would I go outside with my shapely self and parade the streets in a white onesie unitard sans jacket? No. Avec jacket?  Absolutely.

To be honest I feel like the whole presentation of the hosiery onesie was to be taken more far more imaginatively than the general public seem to be taking it. I mean hotdamn people, it’s art at the end of the day. Imagine a distant dystopian setting where women were in such total harmony with their bodies that this became the norm? How interesting would that be? To have 50 models from all ethnic backgrounds, of varying height and body types really reads as a celebration of self and our personal identity. Kanye created a collection that is literally for everyone. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, short and skinny, tall and shapely, ect. When was the last time you saw a designer come close to communicating such an expression of  inclusivity? Even my favourite designers are usually chalked full of the exact same model-esk boring rack-o-bones white models with a random black girl, maybe one or two Asians. Whether you enjoyed this collection or not, he definitely shook things up and thats what the arts are supposed to be about. The Arts are supposed to make us think, they’re supposed to expand our thought, and cause us to constantly revise and broaden our criteria of beauty. Art is supposed to make us better. Mo better humans.

Kayne, you showed up. You get the slow effing hand clap.

Kanye West for Adidas |Dying for this coat. My favourite item in the collection.

As stated above, this jacket is my favourite item from the collection. This little darling would fit snug as a bug into my already bag lady-esk aesthetic. I’m so diggin’ it. If you look closer at the collar of the jacket, a rivet perhaps suggests it comes equipped with a hood? I actually would have done the exact same thing and removed it altogether. Another nod to good styling!

Below are a few of my favourite looks…

I’ll take the sweater and pants sans shoes. Loving this grey on grey action with the extendo arm length. I’m a sucker for extendo arm length…

I really like the sihouette of this look. It’s all in the trousers. I other wise don’t really love the sneaks, but they compliment the tailoring of the pant. I wonder what they look like without the weight of the coat…

Ok, so this isn’t a favourite look, but can we take a moment to acknowledge fierce-ness of this chick’s mane?! And those eyebrows…what a babe…I feel like I want to see her in a movie. What does her voice sound like? I’m weird…moving on…

Again, never seen this girl before, but what a dime. There’s something very Sky Ferriera looking about her that I love. Can we also take a second to note the near perfect symmetry in the tiny gathers around the bralette top? Attention to detail I tell you…

OK SO. This is by far my favourite image of the lineup. I did a blog post many moons ago on Rei Kawakubo’s Spring 2012 collection and this is giving me that same old world, son of Mad Hatter  meets Leelou from the movie 5th Element vibe. I absolutely love it. That fiery strawberry blonde combination is doin it for me. And the model’s face expression! Like perfection. As if he just leaped out of a Japanese comic book…

Lastly this was a good look. I’m feelin’ the earthy tonal layering. Such a rich shade of brown. I don’t know which Kardashian sister this is, but she looks gorgeous fresh faced! Also, I’m not sure if its a hood or a cape thing happening in the back, which is kind of a deal breaker. I don’t do capes. I find them awkward and don’t quite understand their function. Like is it going to lend me turbo speed? Hopefully it’s a lush hood, if so I’m feelin’ it. And again with the extendo arms.

Extendo arms = built in hand warming. Amen to that.

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