(Compression Tights; Under Armor, Sweater; Zara)

I woke up this morning and decided enough is enough. I’ve literally been on a downward spiral since Christmas. Gobbling up sweets, binge consuming caffeinated beverages and picking at sweets I have no business eating. I woke up this morning and decided enough is enough.

 I literally fall into the exact same trap year after year. It starts by throwing in the towel the month of December, which bleeds into January. I then coast through February and March until April hits and the harsh reality of having gained 10 pounds kicks in. Enter mad dash to slim down and build up some mental optimism for summer.

Not only does the over consumption of empty food stuffs make me feel crappy (cue two extra ‘handles’ I didn’t have 2 months ago), I’m effected even more spiritually mentally. Eating processed foodstuffs, full of refined sugars and empty calories literally creates a build up effect in the body which can often lead to toxicity and create all kinds of chemical imbalances.

*Ahem* I suppose this would be a good time to mention I have a bit of a background in Holistic Nutrition. I was in school studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist before Reiks was born and obtained such a wealth of information. My time there has really helped me maintain my down days without the use of Anti Depressants. I’ve truly learned the extent of food being fuel. If you don’t pay attention to what your body needs, you’ll always pay for it. And trust me. Its a price you can’t afford.

 SO. First rule of fight club. Stop eating shit. Time to restore the body’s balance by cleaning up my diet, spending more time in meditation and exercising some willpower. A healthy rotation of long deep stretching and cardio outdoors always helps me get back to feeling myself. Starting is always the most difficult.

I was blessed by the universe to find these Under Armor Compression tights on super sale last year that are perfect for extra warmth under a regular jogging tight.I always have the hardest time buying pants (in general) simply because they don’t make them for people with any kind of shape but I really lucked out during their end of season sale.

Along with my new goal of hitting the pavement twice a week (baby steps people, baby steps) I’ve adopted a lifestyle change to help me reach my goals….

1| No drinking alcohol.

2| No cheese (This one for me is probably the most difficult. I live for cheese. All kinds)

3| Minimum of 9 glasses of water per day

4| No eating heavy meals after 9pm

5| One Super green smoothie a day

6| Cut down on caffeine

Jokes over. No more of this ‘feeling shitty’ crap.


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