They did it again!

At a time when much of whats being shown on the catwalk is laced with 70’s influences like brown suede, patchwork detailing and rockstar- esk bohemian flowing fabric The Olsen twins have produced yet another classic and minimal collection. One thing I’m very particular about when it comes to grading my favourite collections is their attention to detail on the smaller items like sweater fastenings (I absolutely hate buttons, but lets not open that barrel of monkeys just yet) and coat closures. Definitely loving the muted tones! I’m straight diggin’ a muted color palate. Always makes it easier to layer, mix and match random items.

Another thing, which everyone probably is well aware of at this point, it my complete adoration for androgynous flowing fabrics. I know this look is not for everyone. I’ve been told I dress like a bag lady, wear too many layers, hide too much skin, have the aesthetic of a Chinese grandma.

What matters more? Dressing in a way thats pleasing to the people around you? Or walking around free as an effing bird without having to tug and pull at yourself every time you get up from your chair? Hmm, I’ll answer for you. Number two.

(The Row Pre Fall 2015; Courtesy of

(The Row Pre Fall 2015; Courtesy of

For me The first two images are a no brainer. a) the coats are all that I dream of; tailored soft and elegant, (b. the white tunic shown in the second image has an invisible zipper. Check and check *insert goal hands emoticon*.

Lavender and muted paprika are two colours I never in a million years would have mixed but somehow here it works. This look, with an oversized soft grey coat (see image below) is such an eloquent way to incorporate the muted earthy tones of the 60’s and 70’s in way that’s fresh and minimal. Although I would still prefer these trousers in black, I do love that for once a this high waisted pant is without front pleats! Unless you have a tiny waist, zero hips and no booty, pleats located that high up do nothing for you. Trust me, this I know. The amount of pants I’ve tried on that look lovely on the rack but translate horribly because you look like your packin’ in the front. It’s a discouraging experience. We Curvy chicks dig a high waist too… Well done Olsen twins. Well done.

(The Row Pre Fall 2015; Courtesy of

(The Row Pre Fall 2015: Courtesy of

Everyone I know, knows I love this style of coat. If I could I’d have one in every colour. And by every colour I mean black, dark navy white, beige, and grey. My favs.

(The Row Pre Fall 2015; Courtesy of

The only issue I have, which I suppose isn’t really specific to this collection, is that loose fabric tops with a high collar can sometimes be un flattering if you’ve got bigger breasts. I love the look, but sometimes it just doesn’t translate. Sometimes the silhouette can make you feel bigger than you actually are and create this tent-like-I’m- trying- to-hide- my- shape preggo vibe. Which is why I ADORE how they’ve created balance with the addition of the tone on tone skirt! Two thumbs up! Adding this skirt gives the whole look more direction. Like you intentionally chose to execute the layer oversized look, instead of looking like you left your house a rush. Ah yes, that and the sequin covered flats. Sequin is not my forte. Give me a clean all white leather strap and I’m yours.

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