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YES. I’m so excited the video is out! Come Over by Keita Juma (aka Booski) was directed by Sammy Rawal and features some of the most talented people in the city. The Cameo list includes; DJ’s Bambi, DJ Nino Brown, Rapper Progress, Singer/Songwriter Brendan Philip, Photographer Yannick Anton, Musician Jahmal Padmore, Designer Nadine Stillman and Dancer Shadrach.

Like I said, it’s star studded.

Not only was it a pleasure to work with Sammy Rawal for the first time, it was so great to see such an amazing song brought to life with such excellent visuals! I was blessed to have the opportunity to style myself and figured this was the perfect time to try one of my favourite makeup looks. I originally first saw this look in a pre-fall 2014, M.A.C for Ellery editorial. Ellery is one of my favourite design brands so I’m always internet stalking what they’re up to.

Without any further rambling, COME OVER!

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